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Interior Design Feature Articles

A career in interior design is sure to be exciting, rewarding, and fantastically challenging!  We have worked hard to provide you with the framework necessary to construct your ideal career, and we hope that you will be able to make an informed and intelligent decision about your future.  In addition to educational information, there is so much involved in the field of interior design that is interesting.  In our feature articles section, we have chosen to highlight some of these topics and answer questions you may have.  

A Brief History of Interior Design
Credit for the birth of interior design is most often given to the Ancient Egyptians, who decorated their humble mud huts with simple furniture enhanced by animal skins or textiles, as well as murals, sculptures, and painted vases. Beautiful gold ornaments found in Egyptian tombs (such as that of King Tutankhamen) revealed the importance of more lavish decoration for wealthier and powerful Egyptians."

Interior Design Around The World 
Good design is valued no matter where you live! We wondered, "Is design influenced by national boundary? Culture? Climate?" This feature article gives you the answers as we explore interior design around the world. From Mexico to Morocco, expand your global knowledge of interior design. 

Architectural Genius: Frank Gehry 
Meet Frank Gehry - an architectural, creative mastermind. This feature article introduces you to his work and the Deconstructivist movement in modern architecture. Let his work inspire you. Who knows - maybe your masterpiece will be a house in the shape of a shoe?

Decorate Your Dorm with Style
It is quite possible that your first assignment as an interior design student will be one you assign yourself: decorating your dorm room! Even though it is probably tiny and walled with concrete blocks, your dorm room is your personal haven. Experiment with your own style and creativity as you make your dorm room a masterpiece of fine design. Review our tips for inspiration!

Designing and Decorating: Understand the Difference 
The terms "Interior Designer" and "Interior Decorator" are often used interchangeably, but it is important for you to understand the difference in the two design career paths. Read our comparison of Interior Design and Interior Decorating and figure out which role best suits your design passion!

What is it like to be a Set Designer? 

You love visiting the theatre and marveling over the exquisite scenery of the sets and the original detail and craftsmanship of the props. The sensory overload is inspiring. You are fascinated with the mechanics of the sets of your favorite sitcom or action-packed summer blockbusters. It seems like such a cool job. If any of these scenarios describe you, you might make a great Set Designer. Learn more about this profession. 

Do you have the personality of an Interior Designer? 
We are willing to bet that if you are reading this, you are trying to find a way to combine a personal interest of hobby with a career. That is great! We also believe that having the right kind of personality for the job you do is also crucial to your career happiness! So, to help you out, we have investigated what personality traits are found in the best, happiest interior designers. Check it out and see if you have the personality of an interior designer!

Residential and Commercial Design
Interior design is a career field with many different facets - which is great because it gives you a bunch of options and the luxury of having a varied and exciting career! Two of the most common types of interior design include Residential and Commercial Design. We have explained both so that you will have a better understanding of two of your interior design career options. 

Results: Our Favorite TV Interior Designer
Reality TV is certainly enjoying a massive following and welcomed presence on our television networks, and interior design shows are definitely part of the craze! We all love to see what an interior designer can do with a college kid's hand-me-down filled living room or a kitchen that hasn't been touched since the 70's. So, we searched the TV channels far and wide to find the best interior designer on television. Can you guess who it will be? 

The World of Space Planning
You have probably heard of this relatively new and rapidly growing component to the interior design field, but do you know all you want to know about it? We didn't, so we researched the world of space planning and provided the information to you. We hope our introduction to this job peaks your interest! 

Tools of an Interior Designer
Once you have made the decision to attend an interior design school and make the most of your academic experience, we know you will have the knowledge for this career. However, brains is not all you need! The best interior designers have excellent mastery of tools that enable them to knock your socks off with their designs. We thought we would let you in on the most important tools you will need so that you can begin mastering them now! 

From 'Trading Spaces' to 'Extreme Makeover' - Interior Design is Hot!
A lot. With the increase of public attention to the interior design career field, and with the increase in home ownership, the demand for skilled and savvy interior designers is also flourishing. This is a very exciting time to become an interior designer, and we have focused this article on the increasing demand for interior designers as well as the perks of such a great job!