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Computer Aided Design Schools

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Schools prepare students for employment as entry-level technicians.  Most programs teach students how to create sets of drawings that provide the information necessary to construct and assemble mechanical parts and buildings by using computer simulations and functional models. Thus, students in computer aided design programs are taught to understand the design process.  This is typically a semester to year long program, and is transferable towards earning your Associate degree at most schools.

Some computer aided design programs, like the ITT Technical Institute computer drafting and design program, provide CAD curriculum designed to help students enter the workplace as a versatile desginer able to make basic design decisions and capable of meeting the challenges of future technological advances in the drafting and computer-aided design profession. Graduates from computer aided design programs like these may begin their careers in a variety of entry-level positions in various fields involving drafting and design, some of which include mechanical drafting, architectural design and civil drafting, interior design, illustration & computer aided design detailing.

CAD Drafter Salary Information:

  • Entry level pay average: $37,000
  • Experienced pay range: $40,000 to $50,000
  • Top level pay range: $65,000+

CAD Drafter Job Outlook:

This is a rapidly growing job field, and major growth is predicted for drafters and technicians with CAD skills through 2010. A drafter with advanced CAD training can expect increasing job growth and earning potential. Get your degree now!

Schools to consider: