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Interior Design Degrees and Programs

There are several different types of Interior Design degree programs. Whether you are seeking an introduction to interior design, or a specialization in interior design, or an in-depth and intensive degree program, there is a course of study to suit your needs! Learn about earning a diploma, associates or bachelors degree by following any of the links below.

Diploma Programs
diploma program in interior design provides students with an introduction to the different elements of this type of design. Generally a one year program, students will gain familiarity with basic interior design concepts, terminology, and themes. You have the option of studying the entire field of interior design generally, or you can earn your diploma in a more specific area of interior design such as Residential PlanningComputer Aided Design,Architectural DraftingKitchen and Bath Design, or Architectural CAD
Upon completion, students have several options open to them: they can continue studying interior design and receive an associate's or bachelor's degree, or they can obtain entry level work in many careers related to interior design. This is a great option for anyone who is interested in this career path but would like to learn more before committing to a longer study. 

Associate Degree Programs 
An Associate program in interior design provides students with more expertise and more exposure to the components of interior design. There are three common types of associate degree programs: Associate of ScienceAssociate of Arts, and Associate of Applied Science. The type of associate program offered varies from school to school. An associate degree is considered to be a half-way marker between a diploma program and a Bachelor's degree. At most schools, students can complete a diploma program and transfer the credit towards receiving a more advanced Associate degree. Upon completing an associate program, students have a wide variety of options. You can choose to continuing your study and receive a Bachelor's Degree, or you can begin your career in one of the many fields related to interior design. 

Bachelor Degree Programs 
A Bachelor's program in interior design is an intensive, thorough course of study that is excellent preparation for students planning to pursue a career in interior design. This is typically a four year program, and depending on how a school structures its interior design program, you can earn yourBachelor of ArtsBachelor of Science, or your Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. If a students couples Bachelor's degree program with internships and professional experience, this degree's curriculum satisfies the formal educational requirements for membership in national and local interior design associations. Further, earning your Bachelor's degree in interior design also allows you to sit for the qualifying exams for interior design certification in many states. Upon completion, graduates of a Bachelor's degree program are qualified for any entry level position in interior design or a related field.

Start earning your degree today by enrolling in an Interior Design program at one of our highly respected interior design schools!