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Interior Decorator

Interior decorators plan and implement decoration schemes for homes, offices, shops and other professional spaces. They may advise clients on selection of color schemes, layouts, lighting, furniture, floor coverings, paint, wallpaper, hardware products and much more. They may provide sketches, designs, and specifications, as well as cost estimates for client approval. They may supervise and coordinate the installation and arrangement of furniture and furnishings during renovations. Interior decorators often work irregular and extended hours to meet their clients’ deadlines!

Interior decorators are sometimes mistakenly interchanged with interior designers. This is misleading, as designers must undergo rigorous training and educational requirements to obtain regulated licenses. Interior decorators face much fewer strictures for practice. As a result, opportunities and pay for interior decorators are also more limited than those available to highly skilled and experienced designers.

Interior Decorating Salary Range: $40,000+

Interior Decorator Career and Job Outlook:

While a higher than average growth is projected in this field, competition for quality interior decorator jobs remains very strong. As with other artistic careers, candidates who demonstrate a high degree of talent and flair are more likely to gain employment. Decorators who have built a solid resume of experience, quality jobs, and a good reputation, often prefer to work independently or for their own decorating firms.

Schools to consider if you are considering interior decorating as a profession:
Interior Decorator Career Qualifications:

Experience – a good deal of training takes place on the job, so any apprenticeship or internship opportunities with practicing designers are helpful. A portfolio of work should be meticulously recorded and updated.

Personal Characteristics/Skills – above average ability for creative expression; good sense of color; persistence and determination; ability to work independently; ability to promote ideas; good listener, especially with regard to clients needs and desires; awareness of current fashion trends; good budgeting and planning skills; highly organized; ability to handle stress due to deadlines.

What is the typical career path for an Interior Decorator?

Decorating Assistant > Junior Interior Decorator > Interior Decorator > Sole Proprietor/Firm Partner

Learn More about Interior Decorating Schools:

Start your career today by enrolling in an Interior Design or Interior Decorating program from one of our highly respected interior design schools! Learn about enrollment requirements, financial aid opportunities, class schedules and more.

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