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Lighting Designer

A lighting designer is able to create a pleasing yet functional ambiance within an interior environment by specifically selecting the appropriate products and strategically placing them to complement the overall interior design scheme. For example, museums must use sophisticated lighting design strategy and technology to ensure that art pieces are viewed at their most favorable without being damaged in the process. Lighting specialists also play important roles in movies, television and theatrical productions where lighting strategy subtly enhances the overall performance.

Lighting Designer Salary Range: $30,000+

Lighting Designer Career and Job Outlook:

Opportunities for lighting specialists are linked to the entertainment industry and how many plays, TV shows, and movies go into production at a given time. In addition, lighting designers also find employment at lighting manufacturers and showrooms to sell, promote and improve existing lighting products and fixtures. Lighting designers are also called to offer their expertise on various projects on a consulting basis.

Lighting Designer Career Qualifications:

Experience - Previous experience and internships are helpful. Keeping and updated portfolio of prior work is recommended.

Personal Characteristics/Skills - knowledge and expertise in interior design; creativity; eye for the subtle differences within the spectrum of color and light and their subsequent effect on a space's mood and style; familiarity with the latest technical advancement in lighting and control systems; knowledge of electrical codes and wiring; experience with maintenance and energy issues and requirements for various lighting systems.

Lighting Designer Career Path:

Showroom Sales Assistant > Lighting Specialist > Lighting Designer

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