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Do you have the personality of an interior designer?

Being good at what you do is not just about talent and education. Success in your profession most often requires a harmonious relationship between your awesome talent, your rigid and thorough education, and last but not least, your personality. It takes all three! Surely we have all experienced this in some form. Maybe you had a beyond brilliant chemistry teacher who was just not able to engage and interest you in his complex ideas. Or, perhaps, you have experienced a hair stylist who was much more interested in chatting than focusing on cutting your hair – leaving you with a month of bad hair days and an earful of gossip about who knows what! It is clear that being great at what you do involves using your personality in a way that makes your talents sparkle. So, do you have the personality of an interior designer? Let us investigate a few common characteristics and see if you match up!

Interior Designers have strong communication skills.

To be an interior designer is to be full of creativity and artistic vision. However, unless you are designing your own bedroom or tanning salon, you must be able to clearly express and relate your ideas to others. Good interior designers possess this quality of clarity of expression. Further, communication skills also involve listening. Are you able to truly listen to others when they are relaying an idea or vision of their own? This is another important trait an interior designer should have! If you are able to take the ideas of others and sculpt them within your own amazing artistic mind of wonder and present your clients with a clear image of this vision, you will be hired again and again!

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Interior Designers are multi-taskers and problem solvers.

Let us be frank. The personality of an interior designer must be able to embrace several tasks at once and also remain calm and creative when issues arise. Perhaps your client absolutely hates the newly applied fuchsia paint on her walls. Would you be able to discuss her concerns, come up with a mind-blowing solution, and pick out the perfect drapery fabric - all while directing the installation of the new Italian marble floors? A good interior designer can do this with grace and energy! This takes a creative but adaptive personality that truly enjoys daily challenges. Occasional chaos and on-the-spot decisions should not upset you. Is this you? If so, you definitely possess an important interior design trait.

Interior Designers are concerned with achievement.

An interior designer likes to walk away from a completed project with a grand, undeniable smile and a bubbling sense of satisfaction. Thus, a personality that is concerned- or maybe even obsessed- with following through until a project is done to perfection will do well. Interior designers also feel a sense of achievement from helping others. They generally like working with clients to create beautiful and personalized spaces, and they like to know that a client is pleased. If achieving the creation of a spectacular space and a tickled-pink client are important to you and you are willing to do what it takes to make these things happen, that is a good sign that you would have a successful career in this field!

Interior Designers are creative.

This personality trait may seem like a no-brainer, but it is crucial! A successful interior designer will have a good eye for color, ambiance, and style. Detail is important and organization is fundamental. Examples of this personality trait will show up in many aspects of an interior designer’s life. Are you impeccably meticulous with most details from remembering birthdays, keeping a calendar, organizing your sock drawer, to precisely choosing the freshest breads and cheeses and arranging a seating arrangement for a dinner you are hosting? Are people always impressed by the way your detail-possessed mind comes up with new and interesting ways to wear/do/create the most mundane things in life? These are good indicators of an interior designer's personality!

So, what do you think?  Do you have the personality of an interior designer?  Will you win people over with your innovative design ideas AND your organized, creative, multi-tasking, friendly personality?  We thought you might like considering some of these ideas as you continue to develop your interest in interior design! 

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