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Space Planner

A space planner is responsible for diagramming how an interior space should be organized to create an optimal balance of space and utility. This includes planning room layouts to optimally arrange furniture, equipment, telecommunications and other needs. Space planners work in a variety of settings, typically commercial or industrial, such as office buildings, classrooms, research facilities, and centralized computer facilities. They often work in conjunction with interior designers and architects to create plans that make the most efficient use of space. Staff space planners must keep track of ongoing space allocations, conduct space feasibility and utilization studies, assist in identification of problems and trends of future space needs, and make recommendations for changes in space assignment and facilities inventory processing.

Space Planner Salary Range:

A space planner with about 3 years of relevant experience and appropriate educational attainment can expect to earn around $35,000 per year in metropolitan areas.

Space Planner Career and Job Outlook:

Based on the growing increase in demand for interior designers, it is expected that the market for space planners will also continue to grow in the next few years.

Space Planner Career Qualifications:

Experience - Previous commercial interior design or facilities management experience is preferred.

Personal Characteristics/Skills - logical and analytic thinker, detail-oriented; good written and oral communications skills; ability to analyze space utilization and facilities inventory and make recommendations for optimal usage; knowledge of specialized computer applications used in the field including AutoCAD

Space Planner Career Path:

Trainee > Facilities Space Manager > Space Planner > Senior Space Planner

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